pegasus orthoses

It’s amazing how many peoples general aches and pains are due to problems with their feet. We’ve meet patients with years of chronic back pain who’ve tried every treatment under the sun, but had no relief.

When a person has problems with their feet, for example fallen arches, they can throw out their whole system that is supported above. It’s a bit like having a faulty tyre on your car, as it affects the steering, wear and fuel economy.

We now supply the Pegasus orthotic. These are state-of-the-art orthotics that give incredible levels of comfort and support. We’ve had some great feedback from our patients:

‘Within a month of wearing my Pegasus orthotics my posture and balance have improved, my walking is much steadier and my life long niggling back ache has almost gone.’ Dr M E Williams.

We feel our orthotics are so effective because we offer a two-pronged approach; you have a full body biomechanical assessment followed by casting of your feet, the casts are then scanned by laser and the orthotics are milled from a single block by a podiatrist. We have never been happy with the ‘off the shelf’ orthotics from the local chemist and we are delighted to offer what we feel is the best on the market.